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About Me

Hi and welcome to Weight Loss Health Fitness!

I wanted this page to really explain who I am and what brought me to the decision to try to help people with their weight loss journey, fitness journey or just to have a healthy lifestyle.

My name is Sharon Irish and I am from North West England in the UK with my Husband and our two Children, a boy and a girl who are 7 and 4.

I am only 5ft tall and because of my slim build I had always struggled with getting clothes to fit me.  I would often wear children’s clothes because the adult sizes went nowhere near me!  I suppose to call myself ‘slim’ is an understatement, I was skinny, really skinny.

When I was growing up I was your classic picky eater, I didn’t like this and wouldn’t touch that. 

The truth of the matter was that I wasn’t interested in food, it was just there as fuel and I would only eat when I was hungry.  The problem was that when I did eat, it was never the right foods, and my appetite was so small that I would usually leave most of it.  This was the reason for not being able to fit into the clothes I liked.  It was a problem when I went out for a meal in a Pub, because I could usually only manage half a portion, and that was really pushing myself.

The waitress would come and take my plate, and would usually ask what was wrong with the food. 

That was embarrassing enough but not as bad as when I had a checkup at the Doctors.  They would always ask me to get on the scales and this was followed by the Doctor getting the BMI chart out and telling me (for the hundredth time) that I was underweight.

I was fed up of it, but even so, it wasn’t enough to make me change.  

skinny me 1
Me in a Size 6 shirt, the smallest I could buy in the adults section, but it was still too big.

I wouldn’t even listen to family who told me I was too thin.  The strange thing was that I couldn’t see it.  I didn’t look in the mirror and see a thin person, I thought I looked good! I suppose I must have been in denial, but whatever it was it didn’t concern me and I ignored everyone who nagged me and eventually they stopped trying to get through to me.

When I moved in with my boyfriend (now my Husband!) things didn’t get much better.  

Without my family to remind me that I needed to eat at least some proper meals, I had free reign and ate exactly what I wanted.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that down the street there were two Chinese Takeaways and we had a corner shop just two doors down from our house.  We did cook the odd meal but we ate a lot of Fish and Chips, Chinese food, chocolate, crisps and biscuits not to mention all of the fizzy drinks we washed it down with!

I had gone from not eating much to eating more, but eating all the wrong foods.  I still didn’t put any weight on, but I knew deep down that I wasn’t helping myself.

I was always cold and I would get ill a lot, but still I didn’t have anything to change for so I didn’t bother.  

As my now Husband and I approached our 30’s we made a big life decision and that was that we wanted to get married and have our own little family.

With that decision came the realisation that things really needed to change.

I was still thin and I had never had a regular menstrual cycle so I knew that becoming pregnant wasn’t going to be easy, and probably wouldn’t happen at all if I didn’t try to improve my health.

I really wanted a healthy baby and I knew that I would do anything to ensure that happened.  

One thing I have always loved to do is read and so I began to read about health and fitness and I was hooked from the start.  I started to get into cooking and was surprised that the foods I would never have eaten before actually tasted good.  I was really enjoying following recipes and trying new dishes.

skinny me 2

I began to put on weight and was able to shop in the Women’s clothes aisles rather than the kids’ sections!

I embraced the healthy lifestyle by not just eating healthier, but by starting an exercise routine.  I had seen how amazing the fitness models looked and I wanted to look like they did.  I began to look back through some old photographs and it was only then that it hit me how thin I had been (see pic above!).

I vowed to never go there again and from then on I would eat properly and try to improve my health for our future family.

We started to plan our wedding and I was happy that I was starting to look better in the wedding dresses I was trying on.  On our Wedding day, I was still quite slim, but nowhere near how I had been before.  I loved the day and knowing that it was the start of a new life for me and my Husband kept me on track.

I didn’t know how trying for a baby would affect me, but after a few months went by with no good news, I was beginning to feel that something must be wrong with me. 

I remember clearly one New Year’s Eve I felt different and had convinced myself that I was pregnant. 

I tried to hide my happiness in case of a false alarm and I was glad I did because my period arrived later that day and I was devastated. 

I had been so sure, only to be disappointed.

pregnant about me
The week before I gave birth

The next month I tried not to get my hopes up again but it was so hard.

I was overjoyed when I finally allowed myself to do a test and it was positive – I couldn’t have been happier. 

I stuck to a mostly healthy diet and continued to exercise throughout my pregnancy. 

Despite this it seemed to me that I had ballooned and I felt huge!

My belly was so big for my tiny frame I thought that It would never go back to its original size – I just couldn’t imagine how that was possible.

Our Son was born healthy and we were finally a family.

During the pregnancy I had gained weight and it was really strange for me, having always been on the thin side.  My belly seemed to be the area where most of my fat had accumulated and I didn’t like it at all.  

IMG_1547 19.08.14_edited-1

I knew that I wanted to lose the extra pounds as soon as I could, but in a healthy way. 

My Husband had joined a Gym early on in my pregnancy and he passed his knowledge on to me, introducing me to weight training.

I had always thought that women lifting weights would put on too much muscle and look bulky.

My Husband encouraged me to watch workout videos of women doing strength training and I am so glad he did!  I saw Women who were strong and fit, yes they had muscle but they looked amazing, not bulky and they definitely didn’t look masculine!

I worked hard to lose those extra pounds and was so happy with my new healthy (and more muscular) body.  

I learned a much as I could about nutrition, health and fitness so that I could eventually help others change their lifestyle too.

progress 2

I had a lot on my plate with my Son and going back to work so my plans had to take a back seat for a while.

Two years later my Husband and I made another decision – It was time for our Son to have a Brother or Sister.  The process began again but this time I was prepared by having the knowledge I needed to be fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy.  When our Daughter was born I was able to lose the extra weight more easily but life is a bit harder to when there are 2 children!

Now our Daughter is 4 years old and the time seems to have flown by.  I feel that I can finally work on helping others on their weight loss and fitness journeys.  I now have years of experience eating healthily, working out and I also completed a Nutrition Diploma, to help me really understand the way food can help our bodies.

I am happy in my own skin finally and I want to pass that happiness on to others by helping you to become healthier through food and exercise.  

IMG_4741 12.07.15_edited-2
Shortly after running a 5K 'Race for Life'

I have already created a number of my own healthy recipes but there will be many more to come along with nutrition advice, meal plans and workouts to help you improve your health and get the body you always wanted.

I do tend to waffle on a bit so I apologise for this page being so long, but I needed to tell you all how I got here and that I really care about improving health.  It has changed my life and I would never go back to where I was before.

I hope that I can provide somewhere for people to come to for real and honest advice and information that works!

P.S. Here is a little comparison: (I have not edited these photos so you can see the real me!)

From this – Skinny with dark eye circles and looking really unhealthy and unwell (Can you believe at the time I actually liked this picture!)

To the middle picture, a few months after having my Daughter – Big jiggly belly (urgh!)

To this!  It may not seem like a big change, but I am healthier, happier and a lot more confident!

So now that you know all about me, I would love to hear about you! There is a contact page above where you can get in contact with me should you have any questions.

I hope to hear from you soon and if there is anything you would like me to do a blog post on that involves weight loss, health and fitness, don’t hesitate to ask.

I encourage you to browse around the pages and read the articles, I am sure you will find something that will interest or help you.

See you soon

Sharon xxx

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