drink water for fat loss

Drink Water for Fat Loss

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By Sharon Irish

Is there a best time to drink water for fat loss? Yes, it is important to drink water at the correct time for maximum fat loss, read on to find out when:

So now you know from my previous post (Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water)  how important it is to drink your water. 

 If you didn’t read it you can use the link above to go back and read all the health benefits there are to drinking water.  

When it come to drinking water the big questions to ask are:

  • Can you just drink water any old time and it will work, giving you all the health benefits, including keeping the weight off? 

  • Can you drink all of your water in one go?

  • Can you just drink water when you remember to do it, once or twice a day? 

drink your water for maximum fat loss

While drinking more water will definitely improve your health, if you are after maximum results then the answer is sadly, no.

Believe it or not there are some specific best times to drink water for fat loss which will also maximize the health benefits to your body.  

I will tell you exactly what water can do when you use correct water timing to boost fat burn throughout the day if you use the following steps:

Try to follow the water timing below and see if it makes a difference to your weight loss. I tried this myself and it works, but only if you remember to do it! I found  that if I set a timer on my phone it made it much easier as I am terrible at keeping to schedules!

The best times to drink water for maximum fat loss:

glass of water
glass of water

1. Between 6am and 8am (or when you get up) - 2 cups

Drinking water at this time, before eating anything starts your body’s metabolism and actually boosts it by an amazing 24% compared to if you did not drink your water first.

As mentioned above, it eliminates toxins in your body which could be slowing weight loss.

Finally drinking water as soon as you get up helps to get things moving in the digestive department so could aid in reducing any constipation you may have been experiencing.

You should aim to be drinking 2 cups of water at this time for best results.

glass of water

2. Between 9am and 10am - 1 cup

Why drink water at this time? 

Well you have had your breakfast (I hope!) and now you are going about your day, but at this time you could start to feel hungry again. 

This probably doesn’t mean you need to eat again, if you usually have a snack around this time then your body will remember that and will remind you of it. 

If you drink 1 cup of water and wait for 20 minutes, you will normally lose that peckish feeling, however if after that time you still feel hungry then you should have a light snack, fruit for example, to avoid slowing down your metabolism.

glass of water

3. Between 10am and 12pm - 1 cup

This is your ‘before lunch’ water and is essential for healthy digestion and keeping that metabolism running smoothly. 

Drinking that 1 cup of water at least half an hour before you eat lunch every day can result in an extra 5lb of fat loss every year, so imagine what could happen if you drink all of the water you need!

glass of water

4. Between 12pm and 2pm - 1 cup

Keep your digestion moving along so to speak with another cup after your lunch, again keeping that metabolism at its highest. 

Drinking this cup of water can also put a stop to any niggling after lunch cravings, which is personally the time when I am tempted to reach for the cookie jar!

As with the mid morning water, if after 20 minutes you are still feeling hunger pangs then your body is telling you that you need a little something and you need to listen to it, although reach for a healthy snack rather than the cookie!

glass of water

5. Between 2pm and 4pm - 1 cup

Feeling tired in the afternoons?

Water is your body’s natural energy drink and can stop you feeling drowsy. 

Did you know that it can also improve your mental capacity by up to 30%?

The brain, like your other organs needs to be hydrated in order to work properly so if you are feeling a little forgetful or unfocused, it could be down to you not drinking enough water.

Top tip – to increase the energy boosting potential of your water, drink it cold!

glass of water

6. Between 4pm and 6pm - 1 Cup

Drink this next cup of water at least half an hour to an hour before your evening meal. 

Not only will this keep your metabolism and digestion flowing as it should, it will lessen the hunger pangs so that when you are ready for dinner, you can make a better choice, rather than reaching for the quickest option which is usually the most unhealthy. 

Take your time and eat a meal that your body needs, soups and vegetables add to your water intake so are a good option as a side dish, rather than just eating more if you are still hungry.

glass of water

7. Before Bedtime - 1 cup

Your last drink of water for the day should be at least half an hour before you go to bed and preferably should be at room temperature so that your body does not have to work any more than it should to process it through your body. 

At this time your body is slowing down and getting ready for sleep but by drinking water now, your metabolism will keep going even while you sleep – effectively burning fat while sleeping!

Now you know all 7 steps you can try them out and see if they make a difference to you in the future.

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How can you make it easier and more interesting to drink your water?

I personally love to make my water drinking more interesting by adding fruit and using different water bottles, it keeps it fresh and interesting.

I carry a water bottle with me everywhere and so I like to use one that is practical and looks good so you don’t mind carrying it around so much.

Below are a few bottles that I use myself and I would recommend, but don’t forget that this is not essential, but every little helps. (These are affiliate links)


I hope you enjoyed reading this post on how to drink water for fat loss and that it gave you some valuable information to help you along in your weight loss journey or just keeping fit and healthy in general, make sure to check back for more useful tips and advice.  If you have any requests for future posts, leave a comment down below or use the contact page.

See you next time!

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