Health Benefits of Water

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By Sharon Irish

What are the health benefits of water?

There are so many amazing health benefits of water.  Drinking it can detox our bodies, give us energy and even burn fat!

Our bodies are made up mostly of water and so we need to keep drinking in order to ensure our organs are working correctly and doing their job.

For many people the health benefits of water end there as far as they know, but this is not the case!

When you drink water, it has so many amazing effects on your body.

Drinking water:

  • Neutralizes the PH in your body, getting rid of unwanted acids which can cause harm.
  • Is a natural energy drink, helping you feel less lethargic and works against energy slumps.
  • Lubricates your body as oil lubricates machinery, keeping your machinery moving smoothly (your cartilage and joints).
  • Keeps your skin looking young, a natural anti-aging formula.

There are still more benefits! Read on…

Drinking water:

  • Keeps your brain 30% more active.
  • Reduces the risk of bladder and colon cancer by up to 45%.
  • Boosts your metabolism for 30-40 minutes afterwards.
  • Slows down the aging process of your major organs.
  • Helps to stop the build-up of cholesterol in your body.
  • Removes toxins from your body.
  • Removes bacteria which can cause inflammation in the body.
  • Increases the production of blood cells.
  • Increases the production of muscle cells.
13 reasons to start drinking water today

Many health problems and weight loss issues can be solved simply by drinking more water and we all have access to it, we just need to program ourselves to keep drinking.

It can be hard to remember to do this regularly enough but we all need to try!

So now you know how important it is to drink your water, can you just drink water any old time and it will work by giving you all the benefits, including keeping the weight off?

No, believe it or not there are specific times to drink your water which will maximize the benefits to your body.

I will show you exactly what water can do when taken at the right times throughout the day and if you have a look at my next post, (Here) I will explain the steps you need to follow to get it just right!

drink your water for maximum fat loss

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How can you make it easier and more interesting to drink your water?

I personally love to make my water drinking more interesting by adding fruit and using different water bottles, it keeps it fresh and interesting.

I carry a water bottle with me everywhere and so I like to use one that is practical and looks good so you don’t mind carrying it around so much.

Below are a few bottles that I use myself and I would recommend, but don’t forget that this is not essential, but every little helps. (These are affiliate links)


I hope these tips on how to drink your water have helped you understand how important it is to not only your health but your weight loss journey too, check back for recipes and ways to make your water more interesting and tasty while keeping it healthy – see you next time!

Here is a link to my next post: 

The best time to drink water for maximum fat loss

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