Weight Loss Meal Plan - 6 Weeks 2000 Calories Per Day

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By Sharon Irish

 New for the website is this 6 week weight loss meal plan based on 2000 calories per day.

It has taken a long time to put this together, there were a lot of factors to consider and I didn’t just want to throw something together that I didn’t fully believe in.  

I based the meal plan on a lot of recipes which I love to use and that not only me but my family would be comfortable eating too.  I’ve been on weight loss plans myself and know how tough it is when you are trying to eat healthily but you can’t seem to get the rest of your family on board.  

I knew that if this was going to work then it needed to be practical and workable because people are so short on time these days and if you spend most of your free time in the kitchen then the motivation will be hard to keep going.

Do you want to lose weight but are fed up of having to count calories?

Are you unsure how to eat healthily but still have dessert?

Have you tried to change your diet but want to make meals that your whole family can enjoy too?

Then this meal plan could be for you!

My weight loss meal plan is packed with more than 50 recipes that I have created myself. I make most of them to eat/drink on a regular basis with my family.

Each day is set out with main meals, snacks and even a dessert for every single day!

There is no reason that being on a healthy diet has to mean missing out

I have tweaked some of my favourite comfort foods and takeaways to make them healthier so that they can be included in this plan.

A lot of the recipes are suitable for the entire family because we are all so busy these days. It can be isolating sometimes when you are trying to follow a weight loss meal plan, especially if you are making separate meals for everyone.

The meal plan lasts for six weeks. If you stick to it and include regular exercise then you should see results from the first week.

I created this plan to fit in with busy lives and family. I’ve tried to make it uncomplicated and have included detailed recipe cards for each meal.

One thing I do need to mention is that you will need to buy some protein powder for this plan (many recipes include a vanilla version).

Click here to try this plan for yourself

This plan is a PDF download and you can either keep it on your computer or phone or print it off. Please note that it can only be downloaded a maximum of five times so please ensure that if you do decide to purchase it then you save it.

When you receive the plan there will be detailed recipe cards for the main meals, snacks and desserts.  

The food and drinks for each day amount to approximately 2000 calories. 

If you are trying to lose weight then following a healthier diet is key and sticking to a calorific intake of around 2000 calories per day will also help.   

You can’t out train a bad diet – so start with a meal plan

It really is true, you can train and train but if you are eating too much or the wrong foods then you are never going to get anywhere.  

Weight loss will be an uphill struggle for you and you won’t see any headway unless you address the situation.  

I have other posts on this site about how to lose weight and why it is important to know what you should be eating and what your body needs.  Feel free to have a look around the website as there is lots of free information here which I hope can help you.

Here is my post on losing weight which covers all the reasons why you should and why you aren’t. 

How to lose weight – the basics

When you are trying to lose weight, believe it or not, there is a best time to drink water for maximum fat loss and I have a separate post about that too:

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I hope this post helped you to decide whether or not a meal plan is right for you, and I look forward to chatting with you in my next post…

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